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Bars, Weights, Dumbbells

Titan Fitness provides an extensive range of durable bars, weights and dumbbells to suit every gym space. The range offers great flexibility and the ability to train the whole body using a variety of different movements. 


The X-Fit range by Titan Fitness offers multifunctional training stations which offer great diversity of exercises with the ability to load every muscle group.
It is possible to train up to 20 people simultaneously with the most advanced set up available for your gym environment. The X-Fit range can include the following modules:

Talk to your Forte Fit expert about the Titan X-Fit Range to suit your space. 

Street Fitness

The Street Fit range by Titan Fitness offers multifunctional training stations designed to be utilised in large, open outdoor spaces.
It is possible to train up to 26 people simultaneously with the most advanced set up available for your gym environment. The Street Fit range can include the following modules:

Eleiko Bumper Plates

The Titan Fitness Eleiko Bumper Plates are durable and designed to have minimal bounce when used to structure the perfect workout. The plates are perfect for workouts featuring high reps and high intensity. With easily identifiable colour coding, the places are flexible and high quality, ensuring longevity in your space. 

Ab Coaster

The revolutionary Ab Coaster design by Titan Fitness allows for a full bottom-up workout, working conversely to that of a traditional ab crunch machine. The ergonomic design promotes stability throughout the core body by isolating the abdominal region and eliminating potential hip flexor interaction.

Concept 2

The Concept 2 Rower delivers an exceptional cardiovascular workout, design to work your whole body and increase your fitness level.  The design is efficiently engineered to support all users and workout types. Using air to create resistance, the Concept 2 responds to the individual users stroke rate, creating an individualised workout for each member. 

The Concept 2 features:

The Schwinn® Airdyne® AD8

The Schwinn® Airdyne® AD8 Bike combines the latest in air resistance technology with unmatched durability and performance, allowing you to reach your full potential in the comfort of your own home. Whether you use it to bring your HIIT workouts to a new level or require the perfect total body cardio workout, the AD8 delivers versatile and challenging workouts.

The Schwinn Airdyne AD8 features:

Titan Fitness Curved

The Titan Fitness Curved Treadmill features high quality design which allows you to burn fat and calories faster. The curved design allows for a more conformed running motion, encourages running on the optimal parts of the foot and reduces impact on the knees and ankles as your run. The lightweight design is backed by the Titan Fitness design guarantee, ensuring that the machine gives you the best outcome for your gym members. 

Talk to your Forte Fit expert about installing a Titan Fitness Curved Treadmill in your gym space. 

THD Line

The THD Line range by Titan Fitness offers multiple machines that are focused on delivering quality movement to various parts of the body. With a range of machines design to build upper, lower and core body strength, you can train to the maximum, easily and confidently. All machines in the THD Line are ergonomically designed, durable due to precision engineering from design to production and are multifunctional to suit the needs of every user.

Talk to your Forte Fit representative about the Titan Fitness THD Line for your gym space. 

RealRyder ABF8

The RealRyder ABF8  allow you to lean, turn, steer and balance through three essential planes of motion, becoming fully engaged with the bike, and overall riding experience. Whether you’re a cycling nut, fitness freak or a functional training junkie, the RealRyder Bike offers superior biomechanical, physiological and emotional benefits over your everyday stationary bike.


The Raptor Functional Training Range by Titan Fitness has the flexibility to be customised to suit the individual space and offers the user the opportunity to perform a wide variety of exercises, loading all muscle groups as well as focus on a specific muscle group. The Raptor Line is made with precision engineering from high quality certified steel with double powder coating to reduce corrosion. It allows for the use of multiple modules on one rack and subsequent attachments can be moved and adjusted to be suited to the user. All accessories are compatible within the Raptor series, making it an all inclusive gym equipment station. 

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Titan Fitness offers a wide variety of functional fitness equipment for outdoor use. All equipment is durable, made from high quality certified steel and powder coated to make it sustainable in outdoor conditions. With the ability to target multiple exercises and muscle groups, there is range of outdoor equipment by Titan Fitness to suit your outdoor recreational exercise space. 


Woodmade Plyo Box

Titan Fitness supplies a wide variety of Plyometric boxes designed to improve strength, power and endurance of participants. The traditional training method is functional and focused on improving lower body strength. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, Titan Fitness has the Plyo box for your space.