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Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness

A personalised entertainment experience

Connectivity Range

Wonderfully intelligent, intuitive and interactive software which will keep your members entertained, engaged and motivated to return.

Powered to perform

Cardiovascular Range

Keeping hearts pumping and minds active at the same time, our energy-efficient, ultra-reliable range combines the most advanced thinking with designs which are built to last.

The three-tier Pulse Fitness solution offers a range for all gym environments, providing the same high quality product in a way that allows the operator to choose the level of entertainment and technology to suit their needs.

Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness
Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness

Elegant, durable and comfortable

Strength Range

Everything’s worked out perfectly; this expertly designed collection can be used easily and comfortably by all ability levels.

Strength equipment features include:

Pulse crafts the perfect machine whilst you design the style and finish; choose from a selection of modern, vibrant upholstery colours and contemporary stylish frame finishes to create a sophisticated premium appearance in all gym environments.

Exceptional, integral and strong

Plate Loaded Range

Stronger for longer – this tough, durable high performance design delivers exceptional strength training.

Plate loaded equipment features:

Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness
Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness

Fitness, form and purpose

Free Weights Range

For the first-timer or professional weight trainer, the gym or the dance class, this is a hardworking, hardwearing, super-durable range all your members can use and use and use.

The free weight range features:

Unified, honoured and functional


Everything and anything needed to provide the complete gym fitness experience. The Pulse Fitness accessories range includes dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, storage racks, disc weights, bars, spring collars and balance balls, plus many more, available to style and stock your gym facility. 

Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness
Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness

Multiple, practical and engaging

Functional Rigs

More than 40 high performance, highly effective exercises in one space means more of your members can keep active and engaged even during the busiest sessions.

Pulse Fitness can provide a bespoke functional training solution to fit into the biggest or smallest of spaces, making it a cost effective way of getting the most from your training area.

A functional solution for any gym space.

Stylish, reliable and motivating

Group Cycling

Our super-durable, easy to maintain equipment is designed to go the extra static mile so you can run more classes, more often. The Pulse Group Cycle looks and performs magnificently. Built to give an effective workout and tough enough to cope with multiple classes, it is comfortable, durable and easy to maintain and adjust.

The group cycle features:

Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness
Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness

The Virtual Reality Range

Interactive Trixter VR

Our unique exercise, recreational and educational technology makes fitness fun for everyone. The Trixter VR offers a totally immersive 360° interactive cycling experience. It combines exercise with virtual worlds and modern game technology. The real-feel features and animations replicate a realistic outdoor cycling experience, indoors.

IFI Fitness

We are committed to complete inclusivity and fitness for all. We supply more IFI-accredited commercial fitness equipment than any other AUS supplier.

Pulse Fitness » Pulse fitness